Get Alliance Française’s tradition of excellence and expertise to learn French at your own pace from anywhere in Southern Africa.

From Beginner A1 to Advanced C1/C2 level, l’Alliance Française de Pretoria offers a complete series of 100% online courses with weekly videoconference tutoring lessons and high level of  tutor’s guidance and feedback.

Are online courses for me? What are the benefits?

Study any time, anywhere!

• You can start your session at any moment throughout the year
• You can study whenever or wherever it is suitable for you
• You can organize your schedule on your own with your tutor
• You get personalized help and guidance from a tutor throughout your training.
• You are never completely alone: weekly videoconference lessons and email communication/help/correction with your tutor are included in the training
• Your tutor is one of our experienced and qualified French instructor
• As a member of the Alliance Française, you get access to our online culturetheque to enhance your improvements
• You work on a user-friendly platform with a large diversity of documents
• You work on and improve all 4 listening, writing, reading, and speaking skills to get better results faster

Warning: Learning online on your own does not mean that you will not need to work. It takes 3-5 hours of self-study a week.


Pricing is per sub-level:

  • Option 1: Fully online class/Self-study with only one oral exam by Skype at the end of the session and corrections by the tutor for the written exercises. Attention: Option 1 requires a lot of discipline and that you work independently. It is best suited for those that are used to self-study and working independently (such as UNISA students). If you are the type of person to register at a gym, but end up never going, this course might not be for you. Option 2 is then recommended, as your progress is more closely followed and you are coached throughout the course.
    • Option 1 Price: R3400
  • Option 2: Includes corrections of the written exercises and 8 video-conferences of 45 minutes at the end of each chapter with your personal tutor.
    • Option 2 Price: R4500
Levels OfferedSub-levelsLength of TrainingHours of Video-conference
(for option 2)
A1A1.160 hours (8-14 weeks)8 x 45 minutes
A1.260 hours (8-14 weeks)8 x 45 minutes
A2A2.160 hours (8-14 weeks)8 x 45 minutes
A2.260 hours (8-14 weeks)8 x 45 minutes
B1B1.160 hours (8-14 weeks)8 x 45 minutes
B1.260 hours (8-14 weeks)8 x 45 minutes
B1.360 hours (8-14 weeks)8 x 45 minutes
B2B2.160 hours (8-14 weeks)8 x 45 minutes
B2.260 hours (8-14 weeks)8 x 45 minutes
B2.360 hours (8-14 weeks)8 x 45 minutes
C1C1.160 hours (8-14 weeks)8 x 45 minutes
C1.260 hours (8-14 weeks)8 x 45 minutes

To Register?

To register is easy, pay the course fee and fill in our online registration form.

Should you have any questions before registering, do not hesitate to contact us: