Courses are offered at all levels of proficiency and focus on learning the language in a business context. We provide advice for the best possible learning options and assist you in setting learning objectives and organising lessons. Private and group tuition can take place at your premises or at the Alliance premises. 

 Beginner level

In our beginners’ French for business course, we promote a practical approach to provide learners with the skills to perform professional tasks in French, from very early on in their learning.We also work with the learners to develop strategies to help them understand and use the language when they need to. In order to perform these professional tasks, learners are not only equipped with linguistic tools (grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary) but also work on socio-cultural elements. This cultural awareness is essential to better understand and communicate with French-speaking counterparts. Our training includes self-assessments and assessments to provide feedback to the learners and to the trainer. These assessments are task-oriented and fully prepare

learners for the DELF A1 Professional exam, an internationally recognized French accreditation.

Intermediate level

At this level, you learn how to present a point of view and defend your ideas. The course focuses on precise work situations such as reporting during a meeting, planning an event, dealing with problems.

Advanced level

At this level, you develop your French language proficiency according to your professional needs. The teacher works according to the professional tasks you need to be able to perform. You can choose to work either on your professional writing skills, your speaking skills, or both.

If your organisation is interested in offering French as part of your staff’s “Continuing professional development” programme. Please fill in the “Needs Assessment Form” below. Contact us to find out more on or +27 12 343 6563