27h – 1H30 Classes a Week | 2 Sessions per Year: January, July | Ages 13-17

Next session starts: Week of the 8th August 2022 Session ends: Week of the 9 December 2022

We offer 18 sessions of 1h30 enabling them to learn from how to introduce themselves and their personal environment at the A1 level to a capacity to interact with confidentiality with other at a more advance level.

Classes can be done both online and on our premises.

Available Levels:

  • Decibel 1.1
  • Decibel 1.2
  • Decibel 2.1 

Before you register, if you are unsure of your level, you can book a Free Level Assessment with Layal by e-mailing her on juniors@pta.alliance.org.za