Conversation Classes 2H00 One Class per Week

If you have studied French at school (5 years), or at University (3 years), have an A2, B1 or B2 DELF diploma, or have stayed, lived, or worked in a French speaking country for more than 3 years, then this class is for you!

Register now to build your confidence, and Improve your Speaking, Pronunciation, Listening and Reading via our group conversation class.

Conversation is the skill people struggle with when they are learning a new language. Native speakers and people that find themselves in the same class sometimes bring up topics that you are not yet used to speaking about, which can then lead you to struggle finding the right words, or forming a great answer. That is why we have created our fun and useful conversation classes. These classes are perfect for practicing your French pronunciation, learning vocabulary, increasing your confidence in the language and improving your listening skills! We know that the path to true fluency is practice!

However, there are some other advantages too:

  • Make new friends who share the same love for the language,
  • The teacher changes the topics every two week, so you always have something new to discuss,
  • Get to know idioms, vocabulary, and topics that are not dealt with in a normal class setting,
  • Learn the French culture.

Before you register, if you are unsure of your level, you can book a Free Level Assessment with Christophe by e-mailing him on