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Start the year 2024 on the right foot! Learn French!

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Bonjour! Looking towards 2024 with new energy and a passion for learning? Then the Alliance Française de Pretoria is the place to be! If you are looking to learn French, then look no further than one of the most well respected brands around the world – The Alliance Française – and of course one of the most wonderful places in Pretoria!

We have new group French language classes starting on the week of 22 January 2024, for complete beginners we have the Beginners A1.1, 30H – 1h30 two classes per week or 3h one class a week for 10 weeks, we have also added a new option for those who wish to commit to completing the full Beginners A1 level (A1.1, A1.2 and A1.3), and taking advantage of an amazing discount, aptly called “A1 Full Package” (which starts in January and ends in September – Two option – 1h30 two classes per week weekdays Tuesdays and Thursdays, or 3h one class per week on Saturdays).

We also have Elementary A2.1* and Intermediate B1.1* classes starting, for those that are a little more advanced with their French (* for these levels, you would need to take a Free Assessment Test, so that we can be sure that you are in the correct level, you can book these with our Course Coordinator or by visiting us during our Open Day). Furthermore, we propose our Conversation classes for those that wish to continue practising their French in an enjoyable way (discussions, debates and role-playing), without the bother of a formal class.

For the younger students who want to learn French, we also offer Kids Classes (6-12 years) and the Teens Classes (13-17 years), these classes are adapted to give young students the best chance to learn the language in a fun way, to prepare them for the future, and for Teens, to get them ready for the exams!

We also have a new workshop for avid readers, that will deal with the book “l’homme qui plantait des arbres” by Jean Giono, engaging the learner in discussions on environmental sustainability, the impact of individual actions, and the beauty of Giono’s prose. This workshop is designed for B1/B2 level learners, providing a perfect opportunity to enhance your French language skills in a meaningful context.

For those who are unsure, or just feel you need to meet with someone to discuss your objectives, then you are very welcome to contact us via email, or during the week we return from the holidays (we are open again the week of the 8th January 2024), otherwise, visit us during our Open Day the Saturday 20 January from 08h30 to 14h00 (Free Entrance) or via appointment.

We look forwards to meeting you and hope that you will choose us to Learn French! See you in 2024!

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