Placement test

Bonjour !

Welcome to the on-line assessment test of the Alliance française network in Southern Africa.

This test is a first stage towards assessing your current level of proficiency in French. For accurate results you will have to come to our premises in order to complete the test.

This on-line part will take you from a beginners level (A1.1) to an excellent level of proficiency (B2.2), following the European Common Framework for Languages.


  • Find a quiet place and time.
  • Do as much as you can do.
  • Do not use any dictionary, online translator or any other assistance, as your aim is to have your current level assessed.
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  1. Lana Chelin

    I used to work for a French Company (Aagence française de développement) but have not spoken French for many years and would like to touch up my French and obtain a DELF diploma. When and where can I do that (I am based in Centurion, but would like to know if classes would be possible online). Also what are the costs involved.
    Thank you very much,
    Kind regards

    1. admin

      Dear Lana,
      I have forwarded your message to our Course Coordinator. He should be in contact with you soon.

  2. Mahmoud Elfiky

    I want to learn french language.

  3. Uddin borhan

    I want to learn french lenguage

    1. admin

      Hi, we would love to have you join us for French classes. Please make contact with our course coordinator on

    1. admin

      I have sent your email to Christophe who should be in contact with you soon.

  4. zin

    I want to know my french level I have been studying French for 3 years .

  5. Debbie den Hartog

    I would like to start French lessons. I have done very basic online French, but want more personal interaction and conversations with others while learning more French.

    1. admin

      Please contact our course coordinator, Christophe, who will be able to assist you! You can contact him on

  6. Paula

    Where does placement test B1 stand?

    1. admin

      Our Course Coordinator, Christophe, will be in contact with you shortly.

  7. Jose Ortiz

    I’m interesting to learn French

    1. admin

      Dear Jose,
      I will forward your message to our Course Coordinator, Christophe, and he will get back to you. 🙂

  8. Humbulani

    Hi I want to start learning French from Zero. Do you have services to accommodate me?

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